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A local group of the National Rheumatoid  Arthritis Society


19th July 2018 -  Guest Speaker - Dr. Varughese

17th May 2018 -  Guest Speaker -  The Rheumatology Nursing Team -  

15th March 2018 -  Guest Speaker - Janice Booth, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner - Medicines in RA.

18th January 2018 - Self help - No speaker this month. We welcomed visitors this month for a discussion amongst ourselves, on ‘How do you manage your RA?’ An informative evening amongst friends, with lots of tips and advice being shared. A good meeting. I’m sure we will repeat this style of meeting in the future.

16th November 2017 - Our 7th Birthday - No speaker this month as we celebrated our birthday with a party. Cake, nibbles, a couple of quizzes with a raffle, allowed us to celebrate our birthday, with friends and supporters to round off a good year for the Blackpool NRAS group.

We looked forward to 2018 and the topics for our meetings.

21st September 2017 - Guest Speaker - Janice Booth, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner - Blood Tests Explained. It was a very interesting meeting with lots of useful information about how we should, or shouldn't, interpret our blood results! The mass of figures provided in our results book' is often confusing but Janice provided an excellent run down of the meaning of each result and explained how one set of figures can be influenced by others. Questions were answered by Janice from the meeting attendees. Thanks Janice.

A copy of Janice’s presentation is available by clicking here.

20th July 2017 - Guest Speakers - Angela & Joan, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioners - Coping with a Flare. Angela and Joan gave us an explanation of how flares occur and what action we should be taking to alleviate or ease the symptoms. Plenty of rest, exercise, good diet and don’t do too much. There are some things that may help - warm bath, ice/cool packs, paracetamol may help, make sure you take your medication and if needed… call the rheumatology help line. Angela & Joan answered questions raised. Thank you Angela & Joan.

18th  May 2017 - The effects of RA -  Dr Rao, Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Rao gave an interesting and enlightening talk, to a large turnout, on the effects of RA on the rest of our body and organs… and also an insight into her pastime… bird watching. RA can affect parts of our body but, is much less common under today’s care from rheumatology staff and medication prescribed today. Early diagnosis of RA, tight control of disease activity, annual reviews and lifestyle modifications all help in minimising the effect of RA on our bodies. A Q&A session was held by Dr Rao. Thank you Doctor Rao.

A copy of the presentation used can be seen by downloading from here.

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